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"The Little Gift"

"Le Petit Cadeau" is French for "The Little Gift".

A very similar sounding name is "Kado", and it is believed that those with the name Kado have a pure,

wild and fierce heart that is full of love.

I believe it is not about grand gestures, but all the little efforts we put in in every day life, no matter how small that truly makes the difference. Every little win in life should be celebrated, no matter how small. And the simple act of reaching out to a friend having a hard time should not be underestimated. Just waking up to a new day might be an accomplishment for someone.

Technology has taken over our lives, and many of us have forgotten how it feels like to receive a handwritten note on a day when you're feeling down. I hope to change that.

With Le Petit Cadeau I hope to encourage you to reach out to your friends, even if it is just to let them know that you miss them, make someone's day with a little gift filled with lots of love. :)



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