Jeanine Gabrielle

....The Beginnings


​It all began with a little girl's question as to why designer jewellery was so expensive,

making it only affordable to celebrities.


Did we have to be rich to dress well?


Shouldn't fashion be accessible to the everyone?

Don't we all deserve to be able to express ourselves through fashion?


Paired with the passion for all things handmade, and the dream to create affordable statement pieces,

there was no turning back from the age of 17...

It started with "The Weekend Designer", I held an events job and on weekends, I made stuff.

I started with quirky accessories, then moved on to creating bold, floral statement necklaces.

And then I decided to quit my events job and make this a full time job. It wasn't easy, it took a lot of self discipline but soon it became a "thing". 

I was no longer a weekend designer, so I decided to change it to "Jeanine Gabrielle".

I then started making wedding bouquets, making fabric flowers from scratch, and I never looked back. It is not a job, it's my passion.

Fast forward a couple of years, I went back to the F&B industry, but I couldn't stop creating things.

My latest muse has been Amigurumi dolls! They take so much time to make but they really put a smile on the face of anyone who receives them.

Today, although I have a full time job, I still enjoy filling my free time with things I love doing, and I wanted to create a new online store

to share what I love with all of you.