The ranunculus flower appears to symbolize charm and attractiveness across cultures and generations. In the Victorian language of flowers, the ranunculus flower tells the lady your think she is charming and attractive!


This bunch of bright orange and yellow ranunculus will perk up any dull space.

You'll smile just looking at them!


Bunch includes 6 ranunculus in total., 3 open ranunculus and 3 "closed" ranunculus in different shades of orange and yellow. Please drop me a message if you prefer a different combination or quantity.



These ranunculus can be box-shipped with Smart Pac or self collected.

Please note that if you opt for the flowers to be wrapped into a bouquet style, they would have to be self collected or delivered by courier.

Ranunculus Bunch

Kraft paper wrap
  • Please ensure not to expose your flowers to direct sunlight as this would cause the color to fade over a long period.